investigative skip trace

Skip Trace

A skip trace is the process of locating a person's whereabouts who has "skipped" town or gone missing. This term is commonly used in the context of debt collection, where a debtor may have moved without providing a forwarding address, making it difficult to locate them. Skip tracing involves searching various databases, public records, and other sources of information to track down the person's current address and contact information. Skip tracing may also involve using more advanced techniques, such as surveillance or investigation, to locate the person. It is a commonly used practice in law enforcement, private investigation, and debt collection industries.

Types of Skip Traces

If you don't have the address to serve a party or the party has moved a basic skip trace is an economical starting point. Our expert team will comb through various databases and locate additional addresses for the party.

Going a step further, an Extensive Skip Trace builds on the work done in a Basic Skip Trace but also involves deeper techniques including reaching out by phone to associates, employers, and family members of the party to be served.