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Considering Retirement?

We Want To Buy Your Process Service Business!

Are you tired of rising wages and higher gas prices? Do you find yourself working harder than ever, but making less money than before? Are you ready to move on from your Process Service Business?

Then Pro Legal Serve wants to buy your business!

Discreet & Confidential

We understand your concerns and realize your business information including client lists and servers are VERY sensitive. We have developed a formal buying process and can make a formal offer to buy your business without you disclosing any client, server or other sensitive information. The process begins with both parties signing a formal non-disclosure agreement (NDA). All communications are highly confidential. We WILL NOT contact your clients, servers, vendors, or anyone else. We are more than happy to share how our process works, just reach out to us.


With over 25 years of combined experience, our team at Pro Legal Serve is dedicated to making the buy and sell process simple, fast, and efficient.


Still want to be involved with your business? We are willing to work with you! Continue doing what you love while we handle the headaches.


We close fast - once all requested information is provided we’ll complete the purchase within 30 days.


Save thousands, traditional business brokers charge 10%+ commissions to sell a business. Deal directly with us and save

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