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We specialize in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties and have the ability to Serve Nationwide.

Thanks to a nationwide network of process servers we can serve any legal document, anywhere in the world.

Don’t have an address to serve someone? Have someone avoiding service? Let our team of Investigators locate them for you.

We can electronically file Verified Return of Service, Affidavits, Proof of Service, and more in most states including Florida, California, New York, Texas, and more

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Experts In Service Of Process

We are experts in the service of legal process and have been providing high-quality legal support services for many years. Our team of experienced professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in legal procedures, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Our team strives to provide fast and transparent communication to give you updates along the way.

With over 25 years of combined experience our team is here to help.

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Law Firms We Work With

Specialized Practices to General Practitioners, We’re Here to Help

Documents we serve include summons related to petition for dissolution of marriage, child custody affidavits, temporary orders, subpoenas related to financial records, & more.

We commonly serve subpoenas for deposition, summons for complaints, interrogatories, & more.

We commonly serve summons, complaints, civil cover sheets, subpoenas for deposition and document production, & more

Common documents we serve include subpoenas for deposition and field reports, summons for complaints, interrogatories, & more.

Common documents we serve include subpoenas for deposition, summons for complaints, interrogatories, & more.


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Paralegal - Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad

Shantel Jilani Paralegal - Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad

Pro Legal Serve has been my go-to process server for service of all legal documents and I have been thoroughly impressed with the

Seth Ellis Managing Partner and Attorney at Ellis Law Group

Seth Ellis Managing Partner - Ellis Law Group

I have been impressed with the speed and professionalism of Pro Legal Serve. They are our first choice when we need to have

Kevin Stichter Partner - KM Stichter, P.A.

Pro Legal Serve, is by far, the best company I have ever worked with respect to service of process. The team is responsive,



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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions.

Pro Legal Serve offers 4 different service levels to meet your needs. These include:

  • Routine Service - First attempt made within 5 business days
  • Expedited Service - First attempt made within 2 business days
  • Rush Service - First attempt made within 1 business day
  • Emergency Service - First attempt made within 6 hours

We offer different rates depending on a Law Firm's volume and level of service requested. Please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Chelsea for a customized rate plan.

Each time there is an update to a job an email will be sent out to the person at your Firm that requested the job. Additionally, you can use our self-serve client portal to check the status of a job or email us requesting an update.

Yes, we have a self-serve client portal where you can check the status of a job, retrieve affidavits, returns of service, and additional proof of service.

We have a variety of billing options to suit your needs. We accept payment via credit card, ACH, and check. Each invoice includes a convenient payment link. We do not charge any fees for paying with credit card.

The fastest and most convenient way to submit a job is to use our "Order Service" form here. 

You may also email your documents to serve directly to

If the "Servee" (person to serve) has moved our team can coordinate a service attempt at a second address. If you don't have a second address for the Servee our team can perform a Skip Trace to locate a new address. 

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